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2BV2 061 Liquid Water Ring Vacuum Pump for Plastic Extrusion Line

2BV2 061 liquid/water ring vacuum pump for plastic extrusion line

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2BV series vacuum pump has tiny quantity, compact composition, directly linked motor, whilst set up, put it in horizontal aircraft, no require chassis.

2BV collection vacuum pump functions basing on drinking water ring basic principle, that is, impeller is put in eccentrically within of pump body, right after the pump start off up, working liquid forms liquid ring(which is concentric with pump human body ) inside of of pump entire body, impeller passes motor electrical power to liquid ring. Liquid ring pulse periodically amongst the impeller vanes, even though in pulsation, gas is suctioned in through disk suction inlet and discharged from disk exhaust vent.

Pump Requirements:

Product Enerzjy (kw) Max fakuüm  Potensjeel (m³ / min) Lichemsgewicht (kg)
2BV2 060 .81 -.095Mpa .45 31
2BV2 061 1. fjirtich .86 35
2BV2 070 2.35 ien.33 56
2BV2 071 3. fiifentachtich ien.tachtich 65
2BV2 060-Ex 1. ien .45 39
2BV2 061-Ex ien.5 .86 fiifenfjirtich
2BV2 070-Ex trije 1.33 seisensechstich
2BV2 071-Ex fjouwer 1. tachtich 77
2BV5 110 4 twa. fiifentweintich 103
2BV5 111 fiif. fiif trije.83 117
2BV5 121 sân. fiif 4.66 149

2BV5 131

alve 6.66 205
2BV5 161 fyftjin acht.33 331
2BV6 hûndert en tsien fjouwer twa. fiifentweintich 153
2BV6 111 fiif. fiif trije.83 208
2BV6 121 sân. fiif fjouwer.sechtich 240
2BV6 131 alve 6.66 320
2BV6 161 fyftjin 8.33 446


2BV2-searje sketst dimensjetekening:



Item exhibit:




  1. Standard export polywooden instances.

  2. Tailored packaging can be available.


CZPT oanpak Tink derom
Bybringe Doorway to doorway, quite practical, will not need customs clearance or decide-up.
Troch de loft Airport to airport, you require to do the customs clearance and select up the merchandise at your regional airport.
Oan see Port to port and you want to do the customs clearance and choose-up the merchandise at your neighborhood port.

Us Providers

Stipe foar ynkommen

  1. Antwurd fan 24 oeren leverje.

  2. Give suitable models according to clients’ requirements.

  3. Offer in depth product technical specs and reasonal rates. 

Support foar produktferkeap

  1. Kontrolearje folsleine produksjetiid. 

  2. Offer product’s testing overall performance curve to buyers.

  3. Provide inspection photographs to customers after we finish generation.

Gau nei-ferkeap tsjinst

  1. Soarch foar ynstallaasjemanual.

  2. Below correct set up, regular routine maintenance and using,we guarantee one-calendar year guarantee.

  3. If product has malfunction,we will reply you within 24 hour and give solution or even send technical workers to location after obtaining routine maintenance notification.


ien.  F: Binne jo in fabrikant of keapje en ferkeapje jo bedriuw?

    A: We are manufacturer of vacuum pumps and water pumps in China since 1986.

twa.  F: Wat is jo MOQ?

    A: Ien oprjochte is ok.

trije.  F: Wat is jo betellingsbetingsten?

    A: T / T, CZPT CZPT ……

4.  F: Hokker sertifikaten hawwe jo?

    A: CE, ISO 9001….

fiif.  F: Hoe sit it mei de garânsje?

    A: twelve months warranty since shipping.

6.  F: Wat is de ferstjoertiid?

    A: For different types,diverse motor specs and various content,delivery time is distinct,you should double validate with our income crew.

sân.  F: Kin jo OEM-merknamme dwaan?

    A: Fansels wolkom.

8.  F: CZPT renommearre?

    A: We have complete tests system managed by micro-device,screening overall performance curve can be despatched to clientele just before set up delivery.

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2BV2 061 Liquid Water Ring Vacuum Pump for Plastic Extrusion Line