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2BV6131 Liquid Ring Vaucum Pump Air Pump

Oplossing beskriuwing:

2BV series vacuum pump has small volume, compact structure, directly connected motor, although installation, place it in horizontal plane, no require chassis.

2BV sequence vacuum pump operates basing on h2o ring principle, that is, impeller is put in eccentrically within of pump human body, right after the pump begin up, operating liquid types liquid ring(which is concentric with pump entire body ) within of pump entire body, impeller passes motor electrical power to liquid ring. Liquid ring pulse periodically in between the impeller vanes, whilst in pulsation, gas is suctioned in by way of disk suction inlet and discharged from disk exhaust vent.

Pump Specs:

model Power (kw) Max fakuüm  Kapasiteit (m³ / min) Weight (kg)
2BV2 060 .81 -.095Mpa .45 31
2BV2 061 ien.45 .86 35
2BV2 070 twa.35 1.33 56
2BV2 071 trije.85 1. tachtich fiifensechtich
2BV2 060-Ex 1. ien .fiifenfjirtich 39
2BV2 061-Ex 1. fiif .86 fiifenfjirtich
2BV2 070-Ex trije ien.33 seisensechstich
2BV2 071-Ex fjouwer ien.tachtich santich
2BV5 hûndert en tsien 4 twa. fiifentweintich 103
2BV5 111 5.5 3.83 117
2BV5 121 7.5 fjouwer.sechtich 149

2BV5 131

11 seis.66 205
2BV5 161 fyftjin 8.33 331
2BV6 hûndert tsien fjouwer 2. santich 153
2BV6 111 fiif.5 3.83 208
2BV6 121 7.5 fjouwer.66 240
2BV6 131 alve seis. sechstich 320
2BV6 161 15 acht.33 446

2BV2 kolleksje sketst dimensjetekening:





  1. Normale eksport polywooden situaasjes.

  2. Personalized packaging can be obtainable.


CZPT strategy notice
Bybringe Door to door, really hassle-free, never need customs clearance or pick-up.
Troch de loft Airport to airport, you need to do the customs clearance and choose up the merchandise at your neighborhood airport.
Oan see Port to port and you require to do the customs clearance and pick-up the goods at your nearby port.

Us oanbieders:

Support foar pre-produktferkeap

  1. Beantwurdzje 24-oere antwurd.

  2. Provide ideal models in accordance to clients’ demands.

  3. Provide detailed solution requirements and reasonal costs. 

Ynkommen ynkommen

  1. Supervise whole creation time. 

  2. Give product’s screening functionality curve to customers.

  3. Provide inspection pictures to customers after we complete production.

Tsjinst nei ynkommen

  1. Provide installation guide.

  2. Below correct installation, regular servicing and utilizing,we ensure one-yr warranty.

  3. If merchandise has malfunction,we’ll reply you within 24 hour and supply resolution or even deliver complex staff to place following obtaining servicing notification


ien.  Q: Are you a producer or investing company?

    A: Wy binne fabrikant fan fakuümpompen en wetterpompen yn Sina sjoen dat 1986.

twa.  F: Wat is jo MOQ?

    A: Ien set is ok.

3.  F: Wat is jo betellingsbetingsten?

    A: T / T, CZPT CZPT ……

4.  F: Hokker sertifikaten hawwe jo?

    A: CE, ISO 9001….

5.  F: Hoe sit it mei de garânsje?

    A: tolve moanne garânsje sûnt levering.

6.  F: Wat is de ferstjoertiid?

    A: For different versions,different motor specs and various content,supply time is diverse,please double validate with our sales team.

7.  F: Kin jo OEM-merknamme dwaan?

    A: Fansels wolkom.

acht.  F: CZPT renommearre?

    A: We have whole tests system controlled by micro-machine,tests efficiency curve can be sent to customers prior to set up delivery.

2BV6131 Liquid Ring Vaucum Pump Air Pump