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2xz Direct Drive Rotary Vane Vacuum Water Pump

2XZ direct rotary vacuum pump is in twin-phase structure&comma the large-strain stage and minimal-force phase&comma and its inlet is connected with the vacuum products&comma the pump technological parameters&colon 6×10-two pump is related with motor spindle&comma with a substantial rotation velocity&comma in compact construction&comma and it is appropriate for laboratory&comma pharmacy&comma foods packaging&comma electronics&comma electric powered lighting&period

Skaaimerken2XZ- & kolon
2XZ sequence of immediate rotary vacuum pump is composed of black steel and AL alloy&comma and the vacuum pump will be soaked in oil in operate&interval

2XZ- & colon
2XZ sequence of immediate rotary vacuum pump&comma and it is suitable for refrigeration&comma medications&comma printing&comma laboratory&comma pharmacy&comma foods packaging&comma semi-conductors&comma electronics&comma electric lights&time period
Qualities AND USAGES

1  Dual-stage Large-pace rotary vane vacuum pump directly joined composition
2  Formulated specially designed gas ballast valve&commato avoid pump oil from mixing with water&comma Lengthen the use of time pump oil&comma When open up the gasoline ballast valve&comma remained higher supreme vacuum  
3  Using worldwide Equivalent items layout&comma&comma small size&comma light fat&comma minimal sound&comma effortless to start off  
four  Equipped with Construction unit of oil pumps&comma forcing computerized oil in&comma in the atmosphere can also operate  
5  Anti-oil back again&comma no oil spills&comma no setting air pollution
6  The pump can be employed independently for pumping&comma can also be employed as a forepump&comma preserve pump or titanium pump of booster pump&comma diffusion pump&comma molecular pump&comma and so forth&interval for PREPUMPing use
7  Applied for electrical vacuum unit production&comma health-related analytical instruments&comma specifically CZPT sector&commasuch as  bromide&comma air conditioning&comma ice provincial decide&time period

2XZ collection of immediate rotary vacuum pump – complex parameters&colon

2XZ- & perioade5 2XZ-one 2XZ-2 2XZ-fjouwer 2XZ-8 2XZ-fyftjin
Attract rate &lparL&solS&rpar & perioade5 ien twa 4 8 fyftjin
Restrict pressure≤&lparPa&rpar 6&period0×10-2 6&period0×10-two 6&period0×10-2 6&period0×10-2 seis & perioade0 × 10-2 6&period0×10-two
rotation speed &lparrpm&rpar 1440 1440 1440 1440 1410 1420
Motor energy &lparkw&rpar & perioade18 & perioade25 & perioade37 & perioade55 1 & perioade1 2 & perioade2
Ynlaatdiameter & lparmm & rpar 16 sechtjin 25 25 fjirtich 40

2xz Direct Drive Rotary Vane Vacuum Water Pump