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floeibere keppeling

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Designs available making use of couplings (Para-Flex and DGF Equipment) or V-Belt drives
Akkomodeart floeibere keppeling 1up to 4.75 inch shafts and 1400 horsepower purposes
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Motor starts underneath no load, allowing the use of common NEMA style B motors and perhaps reducing motor horsepower need
No actual physical connection is existing, permitting for security floeibere keppeling 2beneath overload conditions
Common Industries
Papier en bosk
typical applications
Conveyors (Bulk Substance Handling)
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Fluidkoppeling oer it yndustriële oerdrachtprodukt fan Transfluid KPTO.
A fluid coupling consists of a few elements, plus the hydraulic fluid:

floeibere keppeling 3The housing, also identified as the shell[five] (which should have an oil-limited seal close to the travel shafts), is made up of the fluid and turbines.
Twa turbines (fanlike komponinten):
One particular linked to the enter shaft identified as the pump or impeller,[5] primary wheel[five] input turbine
The other connected to the output shaft, acknowledged as the turbine, output turbine, secondary wheel[5] or runner
The driving turbine, recognized as the ‘pump’, (or driving torus[a]) is rotated by the prime mover, which is typically an interior combustion motor or electric motor. The impeller’s motion imparts the two outwards linear and rotational motion to the fluid.