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Servo gearheads provide mechanical benefit by multiplying motor torque while reducing the driven load’s reflected inertia back again to the motor.

We offers the widest range of gear technologies providing optimal solutions considerably beyond the capabilities of various other gearhead suppliers.
Do you know why we still use today gearboxes while servo motors becoming more powerful and more advanced? The gearboxes are used in many cases in mixture with a servo engine, for example because they have low backlash and so are able to cope with high torque. But nonetheless we did not give a remedy to the previous issue: why! In this post we discuss the operation of a servo drive and translate this through to the gearboxes.
Technically translated tis means to follow or execute a command. A servo electric motor follows the (complex) job given to him.

For commercial applications, servo motors are used where a drive-system has to be accurate or highly powerful. The opinions to the motor is performed through a resolver (analogue sensor of rotation) or encoder (digital sensor of rotation). A servo motor is managed by a servo amplifier, probably with a shaft controller.

The rotation frequency of the actuator is given back by the resolver or encoder. That is capable in addition to the rotational acceleration, also to determine the position of the rotor and the path of rotation. The servo amplifier compares the arranged rotational frequency with the measured rotational frequency. Today the servo amplifier can drive the actuator to the required values.
Interesting, AC Servo Motors haven’t any significant disadvantages more! Therefore, why would you use a gearbox?
Dit hat de folgjende redenen:

If you prefer a suprisingly low rate, possibly in combination with a higher torque.
If you need high torque. (Actuators with high torque are available, but they are exponentially more costly compared to the smaller servomotors)
Inertia-oerienkomst, om te foarkommen dat de lading it gedrach fan 'e elektryske motor bepaalt.
servo gearhead 1Om de hege radiale as axiale krêften fan 'e tapassing op te nimmen.
If you want to go “around the corner” otherwise the servomotor shines the application. Gearboxes are available in right-angled versions.
Baldor’s GBSM-series of low backlash, servo electric motor rated gearheads, attach easily and directly onto AC brushless servo motors to provide servo gearkop industrial motion control gear with torque multiplication and proper inertial matching. These gearheads are created for servo applications requiring precision, durability, and long trouble-free operation.