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Slurry Pump Belt and Pulley Driven Pump

Slurry pump belt and pulley driven pump


Depon MAH collection pumps are hefty responsibility horizontal slurry pumps created to manage the transfer of abraisive and high density slurries in minging and heavy business. 
All Depon MAH slurry pumps are designed to be interchangeable with the most common slurry pump footprints employed by the mining sector.
MAH pumps are made using the optimum quality materials to make certain reliability and prolonged provider existence in large obligation purposes.

CZPT Ynformaasje

Brûken  Slurry, sewage and h2o
Kapasiteit - 3600m³ / o
Holle -112m
Faasje oant 3200r / min
Inlet/ouetlet Size DN25mm-DN350mm
Maxtemperatuer 110ºC
CZPT CZPTtric as diesel

one. Bearing assembly:  large diameter shaft with limited overhang contributes to extended bearing life.
2. Liners:  Easily replaceable liners are bolted, not glued to the casing for optimistic maintenance.
three. Casing:  Casing halves of cast or ductile iron give substantial running force capabilities.
fjouwer. Waaier: Foar- en efterkleppen hawwe wjukken útpompe dy't fersmoarging minimalisearje en fersmoargje.
5. Throatbush:  Wear is reduced and upkeep simplified by the use of tapered.        

Variety Chart and Performance 

sort Tastean
elektryske krêft (KW)
Materials Dúdlik Drinkwetter Effisjinsje waaier
Liner waaier Bekwamens Kop (H) Velocity (n) Max.Eff NPSH Nee fan Vanes waaier
(m³ / h) (L / s) (M) (r / min) (%) (M) (Mm)
one.five/1B-MAH fyftjin M M 12.6-28 oere trije.fyf-acht seis-sechtich acht 1200-3800 fjirtich 2-fjouwer 5 152
RU RU 10.eight-twenty five.two trije-7 sân-52 1400-3400 35 trije
1.5/1C-MHH 30 M M sechstjin.2-34.2 4.5-9.fyf 25-92 1400-2200 20 two-five.five fiif 330
2/1.5B-MAH fyftjin M M 32. fjouwer-72 njoggen-20 6-fyftich acht 1200-3200 45 3. fiif-acht 5 184
RU RU fiifentweintich.two-54 sân-15 5.five-forty one tûzen-2600 50 twa. fiif-fiif fiif 178
3 / 2C-MAH tritich M M 39.six-86.4 alve-24 tolve-64 1300-2700 fiifenfyftich 4-6 5 214
RU RU 36-75.syk tsien-21 13-fjirtich seis 1300-2300 60 twa-fjouwer 5 213
three/2d-MHH 60 M M sixty eight.four-136.eight 19-38 25-87 850-1400 47 3-sân.5 fiif 457
4 / 3C-MAH tritich M M 86. fjouwer-198 24-55 9-52 tûzen-2200 71 4-seis 5 245
RU RU 79.2-hûndert tachtich 22-50 5-34.fyf 800-1800 njoggenenfyftich 3-5 5
fjouwer / 3E-MHH 120 M M 126-252 35-70 12-njoggenen 600-1400 fyftich 2-5 5 508
6 / 4D-MAH sechstich M M 162-360 40-100 12-56 800-1500 65 fiif-8 5 365
RU RU hûndertfjirtich fjouwer-324 40-90 12-fjirtich 800-1350 fiifensechtich trije-5 fiif 365
6 / 4S-MHH 560 M M 324-720 twa en njoggentich hûndert 30-118 600-tûzen 64 trije-8 5 711
6S-MHH 560 M M 468-1008 hûndert-en-tritich 280 20-94 fiifhûndert tûzen 65 fjouwer-tolve fiif 711
acht / 6E-MAH trijehûndert M M 360-828 hûndert-230 ten-sixty one 500-1140 twaensantich 2-9 fiif 510
RU RU 324-720 90-200 7-49 fjouwerhûndert tûzen fiifensechtich fiif-tsien fiif 510
10 / 8E-MM hûndert tweintich M M 666-1440 185-400 tsien-sechtich 600-1100 73 4-tsien fiif 549
10 / 8ST-MAH 560 M M 612-1368 hûndert en santich-380 11-sechtich ien 400-850 ienensantich fjouwer-tsien fiif 686
RU RU 540-1188 150-330 tolve-50 fjouwerhûndert-750 Fiifensantich 4-tolve 5
12-10ST-MAH 560 M M 936-1980 260-550 sân-68 300-800 82 6 fiif 762
RU RU 720-1620 200-450 sân-45 300-650 80 2. fiif-sân.five fiif
fjirtjin / 12ST-MAH 560 M M 1260-2772 350-770 trettjin-sechtich trije 300-600 santich trije-10 fiif 965
RU RU 1152-2520 320-700 thirteen-forty four 300-500 79 3-acht fiif
16 / 14TU-MAH 1200 M M 1368-3060 380-850 11-sechtich trije 250-550 njoggenensantich 4-tsien fiif 1067
20 / 18TU-MAH 1200 M M 2520-5400 sânhûndert-1500 trettjin-57 200-400 fiifentachtich 5-10 fiif    1370

Pump Components Materials


Steel Lined Pumps CZPT Lined Pumps
Dielbeskriuwing Materialspesifikaasje Dielbeskriuwing Substansspesifikaasje
Base Massyf izer Base Smeid izer
shaft 4140 High Tensile Steel  shaft 4140 High Tensile Steel
Lagerassemblage Timken(Forged Iron Body)  Lagerassemblage Timken(Solid Iron Body)
Asmouwe 420 CZPT Metal Asmouwe 420 CZPT Steel
pompomhulsel Smeid izer pompomhulsel Getten izer
Frame Plate Liner 27% Chrome wyt izer Body Plate Liner ynfoegje CZPT
Volute Liner 27% Chrome wyt izer Cover Plate Liner CZPT
waaier 27% Chrome wyt izer waaier CZPT Coated High Tensile Steel
Keel Bush 27% Chrome wyt izer Keel Bush CZPT
Joint Ring CZPT Plate opnimme Getten izer
Protect Plate Massyf izer Vulkist Getten izer
Vulkist Smeid izer Expeller 27% Chrome wyt izer
Expeller 27% Chrome wyt izer Ekspellerring CZPT CZPT
Ekspellerring CZPT CZPT Bolts Sink plateare metaal
Bolts Sink plateare metaal O-ringen Nitrile CZPT
O-ringen Nitrile CZPT Seals CZPT
Seals CZPT    




A: What type of organization you are?
Q: HangZhou Depon Pump Organization is professional producer in pumps. Following accumulation and development of several several years, we have shaped a complete system of pump design, assortment, software, manufacture, marketing and routine maintenance. We have handed CE, SGS certificate. Our customers are at property and overseas. Hope to coorperate with the throughout the world buddies. 

F: Wat is jo MOQ?
A: Proefkeap fan proef is Oké.
F: Wêr binne jo beteljen betingsten?
A: T/T, L/C, D/P, D/A or as buyer required
F: Hoe sit it mei de garânsje?
A: One particular calendar year warranty for pumps, it is dependent on other pump doing work situation information.
F: Wat is de ferstjoertiid en levertiid?
A: seven-thirty days according to customer quantities.
F: Kin jo OEM-merk dwaan?
A: Fansels, wolkom.
Q: What info need to I offer to get pump answer?
ien, Haad: m
2, Flow: m3 / h
three, Max Reliable measurement:    mm
four, Particle form (smooth or sharp):
5, Medium pH-nivo:
six,Certain Gravity of the Medium:
7, Temperatuer:
8, CZPT sort:
9. Electrical power offer: CZPTtric or Dlesel
10, Spanning en frekwinsje fan 'e motor: 

Wolkom enkête! 
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Praat tsjin: 
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Slurry Pump Belt and Pulley Driven Pump