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Vertical Water Circulating Vacuum Pump for Large Glass Reactor

Vertical drinking water circulating vacuum pump for massive glass reactor

SHZ-95B Type Wetter sirkulearjende multyfunksjoneel fakuümpomp:

1. Be suited for the study experiment, modest scale check and modest scale generation method which have the procedures this kind of as evaporation, distillation, crystallization, drying, sublimation, filtration and decompression, degassing.

two. The operation basic principle is the exact same as that of desk-leading type pump.

3. Compared with the desk-best sort pump, the bleed air flow is much more, which applies to the vacuum requires with massive bleed air stream.

4. Five taps can be satisfy the demands of large scale Rotary Evaporator or Reaction Kettle

five. The unique machine is made by the CZPT electrical manufacture ODM with fluorine rubber sealing, the interior of which are unable to be intruded by corrosive fuel.

6. The body of the flume adopts polyvinyl chloride (PVC) content, the casing adopts carbon design high quality steel cold rolling plate and the surface adopts electrostatic spraying.

seven. Ejector with copper material, tee junction, back valve and fuel-extraction nozzle adopt the PP material.

eight. The pump human body and impeller undertake stainless steel plate urgent (SUS CZPT).

9. Be furnished with truckles, which is convenient for moving and is appropriate for the adaptable configuration in labs and workshops.

ten. Require to replace the water in the flume often to make certain the purity of water top quality, the vacuum degree and to avoid dirt stains.

eleven. Can be used to extract corrosive gasoline, need to have to shorten the period of time of water shifting.

12. SHZ-95B: the casing adopts stainless steel material (SUS CZPT), the relaxation is the identical as SHB-B95.


Ûntwerp SHZ-95B
Stream 80L / min
Ferheegje de holle 12m
Utputting fan iensume kraan 10L / min
Vacuum -.098Mpa
Gjin fakuümbuis 5pcs
Stof anty-korrosysje
Krêft 370W
Mjitting 450 * 340 * 840mm
Gewicht 35kg


Vertical Water Circulating Vacuum Pump for Large Glass Reactor